7 Steps To Build Firm Value Fast

by vwv

Cencir Business Value Multipliers

At Cencir, we usually start by considering some of the following seven approaches to multiplying your business value fast:
1) structure new or improved channels of distribution,
2) engage in pro-active public relations,
3) assemble, position, and organize your intellectual property used by your channel operators, and retrain them,
4) develop product line extensions for some channels,
5) negotiate strategic alliances to supply and support your channels,
6) use a strategic approach (future-think and reengineer the enterprise) to prepare for expansion, financing, mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures that you may be contemplating.
7) create a winning business plan to sum up and facilitate the other steps (above),
Each of these, even when not fully implemented, will increase your business or firm value; but the real and fast multiplication of values occur when several of them are combined in a new business or strategic plan promoted by the right management team.

Which brings up a few, perhaps more delicate, topics: do we need to make changes to the management team; could you benefit from a new or improved board of directors or board advisors; should you reinvent your core business? We promise not to hold back if we see a need for dealing with these issues, even if you are not ready for them. In the long run, you may appreciate that we did not "play politics."

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