Entire Enterprise Value Perspective and Experience of Distribution And Chain Management Consultants

For every solution we recommend, and for every task we perform, our perspective is to multiply the value to your business. We are efficient because our distribution experts are especially well-qualified to deal with channels of distribution issues and use a systematic, highly focused approach. For over 20 years, our multi-disciplined, multi-cultural channel experts from top 10 business schools have developed, tested, and proved the tools that you need to succeed.

How You Benefit from Our Chain Expertise

We help you select and structure (or restructure) appropriate distribution channels for meeting your goals and objectives within any given set of constraints.

We build financial models of your marketing and sales channels and test the impact of changes to important variables to find an optimal channels of distribution structure.

Our findings are presented as a step-by-step action plan for incorporation in your overall growth strategies.

This financial analysis and strategic plan may be augmented with other channel-related changes, M&A and financing recommendations, valuations, due diligence studies, and assistance in negotiations.

All channel relationships requiring contracts are described in sufficient detail to minimize drafting (or redrafting) of documents, and we oversee the drafting process to make sure that all business decisions are properly covered.

When you enter into jurisdictions requiring a separate disclosure document for certain distribution networks, we formulate (or reformulate), based on the business issues, suggested responses to use in this document; such responses are, of course, subject to verification and approval of your local attorney.

We train (or retrain) and coach your channel staff in all distribution management issues—from recruiting channel operators to enforcing contracts—to increase consistency and improve efficiency.

We provide your channel management staff with the tools that they need to succeed, such as methods and materials for finding and recruiting channel operators and manuals and training programs for transferring your system or technology to and supporting and supervising your distribution-point operators.

Periodically, or as needed, we conduct channel management audits to propose, create, and implement new or improved tools to increase your efficiency.