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Create a Business Plan That Increases the Value of Your Business and Allows You to Meet Your Vision for Your Company.

When we help you create a business plan, we aim to provide you with:
  • A blueprint or roadmap to facilitate establishing and running your business
  • A plan that increases your credibility and business value
  • A means for raising capital
  • A document to convince potential buyers of your business
  • A tool for attracting partners or executives
  • An aid in negotiating with suppliers and strategic alliances
More specifically, we design your business plan to help you:
  • Clearly focus your vision for the business.
  • Succinctly describe your business or idea.
  • Convince the reader of your business plan that you see your business in the right perspective and fully understand the context or environment within which it is or will be operated. This would include your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ("SWOT") analysis, considering the legislative environment, technology, the market, competition, etc.
  • Organize your ideas, plans, strategies, tactics, etc., for attaining your vision.
  • Formulate your immediate, intermediary, and main mission statements. This could include, in reverse order, global distribution, increasing business value to raise capital for global expansion, and taking some or all of the following steps to increase business value:
    • Proactive public relations.
    • Prototype development or refinement.
    • Acquiring or developing portfolio of intellectual property.
    • New or improved channels of distribution.
    • New or improved products to sell through some or all channels of distribution.
    • Professionalize your management team.
    • Gain strategic alliances.
    • Seek high-profile board of directors or board advisors.
    • Document all steps taken in a convincing business plan.
  • Firmly establish support for your mission-critical assumptions.
  • Create an accurate and flexible cash flow pro forma further to test your assumptions and validate your claims about your business. Few consulting firms know how accurately to model highly distributed enterprises, which is a Cencir specialty.
  • Impress the reader with a thorough valuation of the company, especially valuations based on projected net cash flows, potential cash-out values, and discounted cash flows tied into the rest of your business plan.
Our consultants have advised hundreds of companies of all sizes in most industries worldwide, including such brands as Commerce Clearing House, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 3M, Pacific Bell, SealMaster, SkyTel, Sears, Henchy Industries, Hyatt Hotels, Ace Hardware, Beard & Warner, CBS, Stewart Warner, United Airlines, Northwest Orient, Coldwell Banker, Fidelity, Freuhauf Trailer, Buffalo Wild Wings, Budget Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, Ryder Truck Rental, Chevron, Getty Oil, BP/Amoco, Mobil, Shell, Texaco Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), St-Hubert BBQ (Canada), Pollo Campero (Guatemala), Helados Bon (Dominican Republic), Max’s (the Philippines), Nestle (Switzerland, Italy), Sonae Group/Orbitur Campgrounds (Portugal), The International Investor (Kuwait, England, Switzerland), Sushi Parties (Japan), L.O.G. (Norway).
News... A recent US Supreme Court decision reversed a long-standing precedent and declared it not necessarily illegal for chains to set minimum prices. The same had been said earlier for maximum prices. The legality of price fixing is, therefore, now fully based on the effect it may have on the markets. READ MORE

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"Due to your outstanding work, we have gained 42 new locations in 23 states within two years of expanding. I highly recommend Cencir for strategic planning and all aspects of channels of distribution development."
-Allen Hager, President, Right At Home, Omaha, NE

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We reduce or waive professional fees for preliminary feasibility and initial needs assessment if you are not 100 percent satisfied.

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As independent experts, we add credibility to your efforts to improve your channel relationships.

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Our consultants think and operate globally and will adapt and promote your offering to multiple cultures and languages.

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When you have to act fast, we have done it before and can help you speed up the process without ruining your image.

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Save time, money, and aggravation by using expert channels of distribution project managers dedicated to comprehensive solutions designed to multiply your business value.
"Cencir's franchising experts made the difference in transforming C&O [Beard Papa's master franchisee] into a successful master franchisee. The principals at Cencir are seasoned veterans in a league of their own, high and above everyone else in their franchise expertise. They walked us through the franchise disclosure documents and difficult and sensitive negotiations that had little room for error. We accomplished more than our objectives."
-Luigi Cruz, Founder & CEO, C&O, Foster City, CA
"We always want this ultimate business professional on our team." -Vic Koppang, President and CEO, Koppang Franchise Development Company (Modernistic Carpet Cleaning)

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